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tequilideas's Journal

"you're waiting for the G train..."
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  • tequilideas@livejournal.com

tequilideas is just for fannish stuff and fic. friend it if you like, but know that I will not friend you back. it is nothing personal!
if you want to friend my personal journal tremblings then you should also feel free to do that. it's friends only but I have the most lax friending policy ever. basically, anyone who comes looking for my older, flocked fics gets added to a filter and anyone else gets a quick age check (18+) and then an approval. I love new friends so don't be shy, but also know that mostly what I post about is ridiculous and often long and lately mostly about football, fashion week, how many TV shows/bad films I watch, and Tom Hardy's bum. FAIR WARNING.

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